13 reasons to live in Budapest

  1. There are more than 100 international Shared Service Centers operating in Hungary, and these places do not require their employees to speak Hungarian. That means you can find interesting jobs especially if you speak fluent English and talents can climb up the career ladder relatively fast.

  2. Budapest is a city full of expats and young talents from all over the world, you will never feel alone here. Once you are settled down, you will find that getting to know the city and the environment and making new friends is quite easy.

  3. The majority of the youth speaks English, there are events for foreign people, and in the restaurants, coffees and bars the members of staff also speak English.

  4. Access to public transportation is not only excellent, but relatively cheap too. It works 0-24, so you don’t need to have your own car – however, if you hold a driving license, the city now has a variety of rentable bikes and cars, even motorbikes. Two of the most popular ones are MOL Limo and GreenGo.

  5. Hungarians are overall friendly and open people, who enjoy the company of others and are interested in getting to know people from abroad, living here.

  6. The cost of living in Hungary is less than in any European Capital.
  7. A monthly SSC salary lets you afford top restaurants and eating out on a weekly basis. On top of that there is usually a bar on every corner where you can enter for a couple of drinks.
  8. The nightlife… is simply absolutely amazing. There is an entire party district with super bars. Clubs on boats, clubs on rooftops, clubs in underground caves, wine bars that are world class. If you feel like going out, you can do that any night of the week.
  9. The location of Budapest is just perfect. As we are in the heart of Europe, any place in Europe is just couple of hours by plane, or within driving distance.
  10. Budapest has a history that stretches back long before Budapest ever existed. The city had different groups that have controlled Budapest through the centuries. Each of them influenced and shaped the city into what it is today. The city is essentially a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  11. We shouldn’t forget about the uncanny beauty of Hungarian women, who are often said to be amongst the most beautiful women in the world. Who knows, you might meet your perfect match here!
  12. And last but not least – during the summer holidays the whole country is in a massive festival mood. The main and most known is Sziget, that is held every August also called “the island of freedom”- You seriously don’t wanna miss that!

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