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Pharmaceutical Regulatory Submission Project Leader

As a Project Leader, you will be responsible to exceed and meet the targeted objectives through overseeing operational performance and quality of services delivered by team members within your project.

Main responsibilities as a leader:

  • Encouraging and developing potential talents, managing carrier aspirations
  • Holding feedback sessions with the direct reports and hosting personal and team meetings
  • Making sure whether associates understand the unit strategy and the organizational goals
  • Continuously monitoring the performance of the project team
  • Supplying the HR deployment with all necessary information to ensure legal compliance
  • Showing full compliance regarding Corporate & client security policies
  • Identifying critical resources and generating succession plan


  • Providing technical support and expertise to the project team
  • Revising activities of direct reports
  • Ensuring that all project related activities are being documented
  • Being responsible for leading a team of up to 75 FTE at minimum whether it is single/ multiple accounts
  • Maintaining regular client connect for the sake of being aware of the pulse of process and the expectations of costumers
  • Ensuring that all projects meet the agreed deadlines and timelines, moreover, are within budget constraints
  • Reporting to Project Manager the regular status of budget recognition of the project
  • Identifying opportunities regarding improvement, and carrying into effect, including the review of appropriate business continuity plans
  • Monitoring and tracking SLAs/ Metrics based on the projects
  • Escalation points for clients on operational delivery


  • College or University Degree
  • 5-9 years of relevant experience in the field generally (preferred)
  • 1-2 years of experience in People management
  • 1-2 years of experience in Project Management in similar domain
  • Applicable knowledge of Microsoft Office products



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